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How to moves your mouse poniter with your face.


eviacam (Enable Via Camera) is a Mouse replacement software developed by Cesar Mauri-Loba. eviacam App very interesting by using your head you can move the mouse cursor easily. This app works on standard PCs or Laptop equipped with a web camera.

How to moves your mouse poniter with your face
How to moves your mouse poniter with your face
if you already own a WebCam that can output 30 frames a second. If not, it shouldn’t kill your finances, just run out to your local Wal-Mart and get one for 20 to 40 bucks and you’re done.
30 frames are not necessarily needed. Lower frame rates will just result in slightly edgier movement. This has to do with how often eViacam can update the position of your mouse arrow. The more frames, the smoother mouse movement.
Now go to and download the software Enable Viacam. It is an open source program, so it’s free of charge; eViacam is based on facial mouse, a former commercial product, which has been discontinued in favor for the open source project eViacam.
The program offers a lot of functions such as automated clicking, automated face following, adjustment of movement speeds, a quick access key for your favorite on-screen keyboard, freely configurable working area [in percent], acceleration muItiplier and many more. One very good addition is the click bar that lets you choose how eViacam works in auto click mode. You can choose between on or off, left or right, dragging and double-clicking.

Adjusting the movement options can take a little while because every user has different capabilities. But the good news is that even slight movement is recognized so you don’t have to turn your head very much by navigating your mouse.
Let’s talk about gaming with eViacam. Two words: it works.
For example, a first-person shooter shows that you have to get used to this kind of control scheme. Low frame rates make quite jittery camera movement. It’s no huge issue, but it can be annoying for some.
Another issue is that after playing for a while you might not know where the middle of the screen is located face-wise. I sometimes happened to end up stuck on one side of the screen because I could not move my head any further in the desired direction. It’s no real problem. Just turn your head back to your resting position. Most likely your character figure will turn around rapidly. Once you have come back to your resting position it is easy to resume playing.
Here you might want to make use of the working area configuration. Say, you don’t want your figure to look up and down. Just restrict the vertical working area to 0%. Now you only can look left and right [move the mouse left and right].
Some last words: make sure that your face is well lit. The camera needs to see you properly; otherwise movement will be very slow. Auto click is a function you have to get used to. Be careful what you do with folders and files while using it, especially in the beginning.
You can use your mouse at the same time as you use eViacam. Making tiny movements with it is not that easy. Very short nodding or shaking of the head to the left or right will help. And if it doesn’t, use your mouse for small corrections
Enable Viacam has made my life much easier not only for gaming but for controlling Windows as well
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