Monday, December 26, 2011

How to Check and Remove Google Search history

Google search is the larget search engin on internet world. Majority of us using google search to search the internet. Google Search comes handy for finding websites and webpage related to specific topic or keyword. You can also search software, games, video, photos, latest new, etc.. Google search record and save all your web searches. Also you can view your search history and remove your Google web history.

View Web History details of Google Search usage

Google stores history of all your searching activity done on Google Search, that's why , you can easily access those details and even remove saved information selectively.[see your Google web history]

How To Remove Your Google Web History

    1. Go to be you want to Login into your Google account, if not already logged in). After login, you can see your web history details of Google Search.
2. You can remove specific history by check marking or remove all your web history, and you can also pause your searching history by clicking Pause button. History recording can be re-activateagain by clicking Resume button [ see below ]
3. Also your History details are displayed in calender. You can browse to specific history details on given date using calendar at top right part of the History page. [ see below ]
That's it
Note: only web searches done while you were logged into Google account are saved and displayed on Google History webpage.
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