Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How To Create Google Plus Page

Hi guys. A happy news for google plus users. Now you can create google plus page for your business, company, products, website etc.. and you can design your google plus page with advanced option. Maybe this much copy of facebook fan page, anyway , google plus page will enhance your business or website. Google’s Head Jeff Huber has said: "we are making Google Plus fan page great and as fast as we can". 
Many features are there, such as creating social circles, google plus hangouts, google plus and google huddles. Maybe Google plus fan page as come with more interactive than facebook pages. Below image is our Google plus fan page.

How To Create Google Plus Page.
1. Go to this link and log in to your google account.
2. Now choose a category of your page. Here we creating page for our website that's why we selected brand category and you can choose your own. Give tit
3. Check mark i agree box and click CREATE. (see above)
4. Now give tagline or 10 word about your product or website. (see below)
5. Upload a profile photo and click Continue. (see above) 
Then your google plus page successfully created and you can post anything on you google plus page.You can invite people to follow your google plus page by clicking Share this page at left panel of your google plus page or adding badge on your website or blog by clicking here
Also you can follow us on google plus Click here.
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