Monday, January 2, 2012

How to Get Back Old Yahoo Mail Interface

How to Get Back Old Yahoo Mail Interface

Yahoo has completely rolled out its new interface for all users.The new yahoo mail has improved performance, improved search functionality and improved Facebook integration.It is designed for high resolution screens i.e.1024*600 or higher.If you open yahoo mail account in lower screen resolution then it generates an error message which gives the option for redirection to older version..If you want to permanently revert  to old interface then we can use it as a loophole.

How to Get Back Older Yahoo Mail Interface:

  • Sign out from your yahoo mail account and close your browser window.
  • Now lower your screen resolution to more than 1024*600
To make it happen Right click on your Desktop and select Screen Resolutionoption.
111 How to Get Back Old Yahoo Mail InterfaceNow select any resolution lower than 1024*600 (like 800*600) and click on Apply button to save changes.
  • Open your web browser and Login to your yahoo mail account.
  • After login you will be greeted with the following error message “There is Screen Resolution Problem.”
  • Now scroll down to the end of the page and you will see two options : Return to Previous version of Yahoo Mail only for this time and Return to Previous version.
121 How to Get Back Old Yahoo Mail Interface
  • To permanently change the interface click on Return to Previous version.
  • Now Minimize your browser and change your screen resolution to default.

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