Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to do Group Chat in Google Talk

One of the major things which Google Talk lacks is the ability to have conference or do Group Chats . Though GTalk Gadget has the option for group chats , it is not present in Google Talk. However there is way of simulating a group chat in Google Talk with the use of Partychat which allows us to create chat rooms for Google talk . PartyChat is an open source project which was created by Akshay Patil in December 2005.

To create and join a chat room follow the given steps
  • Add partychat@gmail.com to your friends list and ask your friends to do so .
    To create a chat room , you have to IM partychat with this command : /create room_name [password(optional)] . This command will create a new chat room . You can also password protect the chat room by specifying a password
  • To join a chat room , IM the partychat with this command : /join room_name [password] . This command will let you join the chat room , if the room is password protected you have to enter the password as well
  • Now you will receive all the messages from different users in the chat room and the message you sent will be broad casted to all the users of the room .
  • To see a list of all the commands just type : /commands
The method is a good way to have a conference with all your friends. I seriously hope thatGoogle update there Gtalk with some more features.


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