Friday, December 30, 2011

Send Text Messages to Anymobile From Facebook

today i will share interesting topic on how to send a text message to your friend mobile from facebook for free without any long process. Most of us are using facebook now a days. We don’t want to log off until we waste atleast 4 to 5hrs in it. People are not even bothered to reply text messages to there friends via mobile. They want everything to be done at a single place. In facebook you cansend text message to anyone in India with a simple applications. There are a lot of applications in facebook through which we can send a free text message to anyone. But they require some surveys, credits, bla bla bla which waste a lot of your time. I have a simple way of sending the messages to any mobile just like that, without any surveys, credits or likes. All you have to do is to allow a simple application which is very trusted by all facebook users and also very famous. So no need to worry.

The application is called Free SMS to India via Indyarocks which is really cool. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps which i mention below.

1.First go to the application either by searching for it in facebook or by Clicking here – Indyarocks.

2.Next ‘Like’ the page.

3.After Liking the page, it refreshes automatically and now you can find a small icon called Go to App beside the title, just click on it.

4.You will be asked whether you want to allow the app to be run or not, Click on Allow to continue or Leave App to come again later.
5.After that you will be asked to Enter your Username or Password if you have already registered in there website use it here.If not,create one by entering your email id in the update email section and click on update. I prefer you to enter your existing facebook email id which has a email id and password which has already been entered by you to login your facebook. So that it will take your facebook Id as login details.

6.If your email id is unique, it will accept it and redirect to a simple page where you can a small icon called Start Sending SMS.

7.Just click on it and now you can send unlimited text messages
 to any mobile in India without any stupid credits or surveys

8.The best part of this application is that you can invite your friends and save there numbers here. so when ever you want to send a message to a friend who is also there on your facebook profile, it will be very easy.
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