Friday, December 30, 2011

Make Your Browser Start Screen Look Like Windows 8

Earlier we posted about how to get windows 8 start menu for your pc. In this post we going to show you, make your browser start page (home page) look like windows 8 start page. Also this make easier to open popular website, social networking site and search engine with one click. This gave a taste of what you can come to expect from Windows 8. If you want to download windows 8 developer preview, or wait for the few days to final release of microsoft windows 8.

The plugin name is EIGHT, for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet explorer. The plugin created by Ľubomír Krupa. Here have some screen shots of start page. 

How To Make Start Page Look Like Windows 8 Start Screen.

1. Download the zip file and unzip the downloaded file by extract it.
2. Now open extracted folder and double click on the "index.html" file. (see below)  
3. After opening index.html file you can see url at the top of your addres bar, select the url and copy the url . (see below)
4. Now open your web browser.( i'm using here chrome and you can also use other browsers). Click on the wrench menu and select Options. (see below)
5. Now look for home page option panel. In 3rd Step you are copied url and now past the url on "open this page" section. (see below)
Now Check your home page by restarting your browser. That's it
Note:- You can also edit the "source.js" file and replace existing urls with your desired urls. You can change tiles by modifying or replacing PNG images present in "thumbs" folder. To change background images of tiles, simply edit or replace PNG images in "lib" folder.
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