Sunday, January 1, 2012

Facebook Fan Page Landing Tab Tips and Applications

If you are owner of a Facebook page, you must be thinking about how to get more traffic and likes to Facebook page. There are many ways to drive traffic and likes to your Facebook page. Apart from sharing good interactive updates on your page (videos, photos, questions, contests), you also need to improve the visual feel and branding of your Facebook page. In this post, I am going to share with you some useful applications I have used to create tabs, landing tabs and other visual elements on my Facebook page.

Make a good profile picture

If you have a page the first thing any visitor will see is your page's profile picture. If you cannot convey your message in the profile picture you probably lose the chance visitor will like your page.

How to make a good profile picture?

If you are already an established business with an established brand then you probably already have a logo, a business website and other stuff that reflects upon your business or organization. Your page's
profile picture is like your brand's logo only a little more casual and fun. It should reflect upon what you do, what you believe in and what you can offer to the people who like your page. For instance, You’re selling a product on your page. Make a profile picture in which your product is publicized, you can add your brand slogan in this picture. This will help people understand what your page is about.

Create a Landing Page for your Facebook Page

The second thing people will notice when they arrive on your Facebook page is the landing page itself. By default page wall is the landing page of your facebook page. You need to change it,; go to Edit page, find  Landing tab option and select the tab where you want users to land when they arrive on your Facebook page. This option is helpful and easy for non professional page owners. Go to applications page and select applications and then apply to your facebook page. It is good if you just want to make an ordinary landing tab.
These are the three applications that I have tried so far to create Landing tabs for my Facebook page:


This is my favorite Facebook application. You have to just register yourself via facebook account on their website and then customize applications and when you done apply these applications to your facebook page. They are giving some good applications for your page. Like photo gallery, landing tab, Gifts... Etc.


It’s  free application but some feature are paid. Iwpia is a application for beginners and people who don’t have know how about Web designing and HTML. I installed Iwipa  on my facebook page to get facebook tab. In this application you have to install this application to your facebook page and then you can customize it. Images, welcome message, like box and facebook comment box is features that included in it.

Static Iframe Tab

This is official Facebook landing tab application. To use this application you must have knowledge of HTML and CSS. Well, I am using Static Iframe tab for my landing page. It is better than all of the above applications because the applications above are advertising their applications and hyper links on your tabs which will not for your page. In Static iframe you can simply play with HTML. Well, I don’t know much HTML and CSS so I decided to learn how to make a good facebook landing tab and I found a cool website in which the author told a secret about how to set an image instead of HTML in iframe tab.

Here you can see this article on how to build a Facebook landing page with iFrames.

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