Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to get rid of bullying people on Facebook

On Facebook, you come across people, who would harass you by sending friend requests, sending private messages or other ways to tease, taunt, insult or abuse. Remember you don't have to take all this and you can always block them, and if they are in your friend’s list you also can unfriend and delete them from your friend’s list. Let me tell you how to do this.

First login to your facebook account.
Click on account, a drop down menu will appear.
Click on Privacy Settings.
At the end of privacy setting page you will see an option Block Lists.
Click on Edit your lists at below of block list icon.
On block list page you have 3 options.

1- Block user
2- Block app invites
3- Block event invites

1- Block user
If you want to block a person you can block him/her by name or email. If the bullying person is not in your friends list, then you can type his/her email to block user. You can always unblock them by going to block list option > block user then after the name of person unblock. Click on unblock. Your desired person will unblock now.
There is also an easy way to block or delete a person. Go to their profile page and see at the last of right sidebar. You can delete them from your friend’s list by clicking on unfriend option or if you want to block them click on Report/block.

2- Block App invites
In this option you can block application invites from specific person by simply mention names. Type the full name of a person in the middle of typing you will find facebook suggest the friend’s name see if there is your friend name if not then type the full name of your friend to block application invites in future.

3- Block Event Invites
You didn’t know this feature before that how to block event invites from specific person in your list. It’s cool option for me. My friends always want to invite me in irrelevant or uninteresting events. So here is an easy way just type the name of your friend in the block event box and that’s it.


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