Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hi Friends Today i post here how to turn off computer with in one second. So you think there are lot of way like removing plug clicking on the cpu log off so on. such like this  trick is very harm full for our computer. actually we required to shutdown microsoft windows three clicks start > turn off computer > turn off. so guys think the neoteric way and check the below images tutorial and shutdown your compter with in one second

 # Right click on any blank space of windows desktop -> New -> Shortcut. A “Create Shortcut”   window will open.

 Type in the box below code
   shutdown.exe -s -t 0
It means, shutdown and wait for Zero second. Click “Next” button for next step
 Type in whatever name you like in the blank. I use “Shutdown”. Then, click “Finish” button
 # Right click on the Shutdown shortcut icon, click “Properties”

 # And click the change icon
It will popup an alert, ignore it by clicking “Ok” button. You will get a list of icons to choose from   shutdown icon
 # Now you can shutdown your computer with in one second


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