Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Should TeamViewer 5 Be Part of Your Team? TeamViewer 5 is
 a feature-rich application that truly excels; the only things LogMeIn
beats it at are remote-to-local printing and wake-on-network activity
features. In short, TeamViewer is a cool, feature-rich program that's
made even cooler by the fact that all of its capabilities are available free for personal.
 Ergo, it's our Editors' Choice for PC remote control software

But wait, there's more! TeamViewer 5 also lets you record remote control sessions. When I did this, it saved the session as a ".tvs" file, which I could play back in the TeamViewer app. A 34-second screen recording weighed in at half a megabyte, so make sure you can handle the disk space requirements; still a rate of a megabyte per minute is pretty slender when you compare it with video file sizes. You can even set TeamViewer to record all sessions automatically.
Giving Presentations with TeamViewer Presenters can choose which apps will be included in the screen presentation, and they can easily allow remote viewers to take control of their PC. There's even a conference-call number to send viewers, priced at 5 cents per minute. TeamViewer 5's whiteboard features go beyond LogMeIn's, with speech bubbles, highlighting, and shapes. A small control area on the right displays these options, along with a small view of what your participants are seeing.Teamviewer 5 offers more than just desktop sharing: you can now voice and video conference. In my tests, the Ogg Theora-encoded video and open source Speex audio compression format designed specifically for speech handled video and audio smoothly and understandably—and that was across an ocean.
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File Sharing WITH PC.MAC.MOBILE. and OS Compatibility When you want to transfer files from the controlled to the controller PC or vice versa, you open a separate file transfer window—preferable to LogMeIn's requiring you to close the remote control window. This didn't, however, let me drag-and-drop files for transfer the way GoToMyPC can. And like most remote-control software, TeamViewer 5 offers a simple chat feature for textual communication between the controlled and controller.

Beyond simple file transfer, TeamViewer offers an on-the-fly VPN service. This requires installing adapter software, which you're prompted to do the first time you choose to start a VPN connection. Once you get this set up, you get access to the remote PC's shared network files and printers. The need for VPN setup in order to print from the remote to local computer or vice versa is less convenient than LogMeIn Pro2's remote-to-local printing option.
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