Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How To Connect From Google + To FB & Twitter

If you own  three giants social network Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ then you want to connect or syncing all of them altogether, and we can utilize our time because when we are sitting in front of net we could n"t get time. we all are busy. and  in order enabling you to post or publish status or message at the same time to those all 3 social networks, and is very easy to prepare. now just follow below the simple instructions. but make sure you have already those 3 accounts registered yourself:

How to connect Google+, Facebook, Twitter:

Step 1. Firstly, visit (to connect Google+ to Twitter.)

Step 2. Then you fill out your data(s) required on that form such as your Google+ account URL address and your Twitter username in order to connect or sycn between both of them:

Step 3. Now you visit to connect your Twitter account to automatically repost to Facebook.

Step 4. You should allowing Twitter to connect to your Facebook account. It may ask you to sign into Twitter if you’re not already signed in.

Once you've done you'll be able to post anything on Google+ will now also appear on those three BIg social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).


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