Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quickly Login For Google Accounts

If you are using a google chorme browser then happy news for you, Now you can open multiple google accounts on Chrome. Lot of peoples are using multiple google accounts are using or Blogger, Gmail, Google+ and so on. According to the Chorme Extension Quick Login for Google Accounts" is a FREE Google Chrome extension that makes managing multiple Google accounts easier. You can do a one-time setup in Quick Login to provide all your usernames and passwords (optional) of your Google accounts. From then on, you can login to any of the configured Google accounts in a single click. Additionally, if you stumble up on any Google login pages, Quick Login Assistant will pop up the configured accounts so that you can log in with just a click. Install Quickly Login For Google Accounts.
After the installation configure your google accounts, Type your name, email and password.Then Save it
Now it's time for open your multiple google accounts. Definitely this extension not more secure because if you save it once time anyone can open your google accounts but in the case of parents it will help them what their child deeply searching in internet. 
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