Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to secure your Wireless Network Connection

If you didn’t make your wireless connection secured. People with basic computer knowledge can access to your Wireless Network. Anyone in your wireless range area can see what exactly you are doing on your network, just by searching for wireless connection. The solution for this problem is not hard but people somehow ignore it.  Everyone can secure wireless network by just following these simple steps.

1. You need to open your computer and make sure you are connected to wireless device. 

2. Open your browser window and type this IP address in your browser’s address bar ‘’.

3. In some cases IP addresses are different then go to this website. In this website you can get default username, password and other details about your router. You need to know Wireless Router model name. You can find the model name at the back of your router. Type that model name to the search box.

4. Go back to your browser and type IP address in the address bar. Now you will see router admin interface.  Go to the wireless tab and then security. Now Select Security mode to WPA and use a long and secure password but password should be memorable and secure to you. WPA is more secured than WPE.

5. Now find apply or save button, click on it.

That’s it; now your wireless Network is more secure than before. Nobody can easily access to your network. If you find this post useful, please share this post. 


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