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Don't just play your videos — play them well. Whether it's a DivX®, AVI, MKV, MP4 or MOV file, DivX Plus® Player is built to give you the best video playback performance and media management on your PC. And with the addition of DivX To Go™, DivX Plus Player is the easiest way to transfer your videos to a DivX Certified® device.

DivX To Go: Easily transfer videos

DivX To Go: Easily transfer videos

DivX Plus Player now includes DivX To Go, a new feature that lets you automatically format videos to play on any DivX Certified device. Now you can easily transfer your movies, TV shows or home videos to your DVD player, gaming console or more by easily burning a disc or saving to a USB drive. DivX To Go:
  • Automatically prepares your videos to play beyond your computer
  • Ensures your videos are formatted properly to play on DivX devices
  • Saves your preferences for easy transferring
Enjoy DivX Plus advanced features

Enjoy DivX Plus advanced features

MKV video offers a great high definition experience, which is why we chose it for DivX Plus. Now, we've taken the best things about MKV and made them even better by adding enhanced playback features to DivX Plus Player like:
  • Multiple subtitles and audio tracks (up to 8)
  • Smooth fast-forward and rewind
  • Auto-generated chapters
Manage your video library

Manage your video library

In addition to all the features you'd expect from a great media player, DivX Plus Player also serves as a full-featured video library manager. Now you can create video playlists (by genre, date, etc.) as well as manage your downloads, including purchased movies.
Watch purchased DivX movies

Watch purchased DivX movies

Once you find the perfect movie to watch from one of our partners, DivX Plus Player takes it from there, streamlining the download and viewing process. You can also register any DivX Certified device using DivX Plus Player, making it easy to play purchased Hollywood movies on your TV or on the go.
Why MKV Rules

Why MKV Rules

MKV, our choice for DivX Plus, is a flexible video container format that's perfect for high definition H.264 video. We created DivX Plus Player to give you a Blu-ray disc experience on your computer, with advanced DivX Plus/MKV features like multiple subtitles (in .srt, .ssa or .ass formats) , multiple audio tracks, smooth fast forward and rewind, and auto-generated chapter points. Check it out on our DivX Plus HD Showcase page.

Surround yourself with sound

The only thing better than watching your favorite movie in HD is watching your favorite movie in HD…with awesome surround sound … while hot popcorn shoots out of your USB port. We're still working on the popcorn thing, but for now you can take advantage of great audio with native support for 5.1 channel AAC audio and Ogg Vorbis. Additionally, DivX Plus Player will support 5.1 AC3 audio if you install an AC3 Directshow filter.

Enhance your audio setup

Great video deserves great audio. In order to provide the ultimate viewing experience on your PC, we've teamed up with some experts to enhance your audio setup. Don't believe it? Start your free trial and hear the difference for yourself.

SRS AudioFusion DivX Edition

This audio plug-in launches alongside DivX Plus Player, or with other media players when watching a DivX video, to increase bass response from small speakers, improve dialog clarity and create a 3D audio experience from headphones. Learn more and begin a free trial on the SRS AudioFusion page.

DFX Audio Enhancer

Integrated directly into DivX Plus Player, the DFX Audio Enhancer improves stereo depth and body, boosts overall audio volume, and optimizes headphone playback to create a more natural and pleasant sound field. Choose "DFX Audio Enhancer" from the tools menu in DivX Plus Player to start your free trial.

Supported formats

Keeping track of what video is in what format and what player supports what extension can be painful. DivX Plus Player works behind the scenes so you don't need to know anything about video files, containers or require an advanced degree in codec technology to enjoy digital video. For those of you that actually want to know the details of DivX Plus Player, the following table explains the native and extended format support capabilities.
 Video CodecAudio CodecContainer Format
Native support   
Play DivXMPEG-4 ASPMP3, AC3*.divx, .avi
Play AVIMPEG-4 ASPMP3, AC3*.avi
Play MKVH.264, MPEG-4 ASPAAC, Vorbis, AC3*.mkv
Play MP4H.264AAC.mp4,.m4v
Play XvidMPEG-4 ASPMP3, AC3*.divx, .avi
Play WMVWMV 7, 8 & 9WMA.wmv, .asf
Play, .ssa, .ass
Extended support   
Play AVCHD**H.264AC3*, L-PCM**.mts, .m2ts
Play MPEG-1**MPEG-1**MP1**, MP2**.mpg, .mpe, .mpeg, .m1v
Play MPEG-2**MPEG-2**MP2**, MP3, AC3*.vob, .ts, .m2v
Play RMVB***RealVideo 1-10***RealAudio 1-10***.rmvb
  • * Files that contain AC3 audio tracks will play natively in most DivX Certified devices, but may require you to install an AC3 DirectShow filter to play in the DivX Plus Player
  • ** These file formats may require that proper DirectShow filters be installed on the user's machine
  • *** Files that contain RealVideo or RealAudio codecs may require you to install a Real DirectShow Filter to play in the DivX Plus Player


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