Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to add blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

Every blogger wants to get traffic. This is a dream of every  blogger. So how do you get more traffic? There are many factors like Quality Content, Good punctuation, Good grammar, onsite and offsite optimization. The submission of sitemap is main thing to drive traffic to your blog. When I had first added my blog sitemap to Webmaster, the sitemap added to webmaster but not all of my blog has index to webmaster. I have written almost 40 posts that time and it was showing 26 Urls submitted. I was worried and I searched on Google and then I found the answer. Today I am going to share with you how I added my blog sitemap to webmaster tools.

Add your blog to Google Webmaster Tool

First you need to go to Google webmaster tool.  If you haven't added your blog to webmaster tool, then click on add a site.

Add sitemap to Webmaster Tool

When your site added to webmaster tool, you need to see at the right sidebar on Google webmaster tool there will be some links. Go to Site Configuration > Sitemap.
Click on submit a sitemap.

Now, copy the URL given below and paste it to that field. This is a basic sitemap; you need to submit it first. Click on Submit sitemap.


Then enter the second sitemap. This is to index the first 100 posts on your blog, which means post number 1 until post number 100.


 If you have more than 100 posts on your blog, submit this link as well. This will index post number 101 until post number 200.


 If you have more than 200 posts on your blog, submit this link as well. It will index post201 until 300.


If you have written 1000’s of posts, you have to submit sitemap after every 100 posts.

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